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Education Management Systems (Smart School)
The System is developed as a tool for schools to manage student data. Such as the application and registration, the organized class room, the grading, the graduated, receiving certificate, documentary and any documents via Online System. We had developed the system for secondary and higher education level.
Payment Gateway System
Providing system of payment to agencies’ customer. The system is connected to the system of bank and customer.
KQI System (Key Quality Indicators)
KQI System is a system that was developed as a tool for agencies as a quality indicator. The system can be apply to each agency. The database to be used can access to the main database or another database of the agency. The agency was also able to define their own processing conditions and can import data and information to a variety of channels.
E-Office is an office administration system with a focus on reducing paper consumption. The system includes The Meeting System, Meeting Room Booking System, Car Booking System, The Electronic Command System, Intranet System.
HR (Human Resource)
HR system is the recording and personnel information system. The system includes Preliminary Information System, Personal Profile and resume System, Special knowledge, Working Experience, absence from work and take off System and Salary System
Back Office
Back Office is the Office Management System for all works lead on the same way consistent and in the same direction. Reduce duplication of data. Reduce the routine workload of staffs. And also designed as a tool to support planning and decision of the Executive. The system includes Budgeting System, Purchasing, Accounting, Financing, Personnel Administration and Project Tracking System. The system supported the system of government and private agency.
Software Development
Software Development System according to TOR (term of reference) or the needs of customer.
ICT Consultant
Consultation services include planning, system design, system development,
improvement and maintenance ICT systems

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